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Re: OSCAR 10.12 has been packaged

On Thu, Aug 02, 2012 at 07:28:16AM -0400, Peter Hutten-Czapski wrote:
> One last question for your indulgence before we putter some more
> cleaning the source.  I can tar ball my git repository easily, and can
> pull the branch in the state which matches the build of the binary in
> the (sort of) deb that I publish.  The tarball provides what I
> consider the source as I can simply mvn clean install.

Doing some "mvn clean" before creating the tarball is also some very
helpful thing to do because it drastically helps cleaning up the
source tree after a Debian package build.

> Yes there is
> hidden metatdata that is not necessary for the build, but it is
> obviously not what you are looking for.
> What is a "versioned tarball" "source code release"  (if its too
> complicated for an email please provide a URL)

I was writing "versioned tarball" because some projects release just
something like <name>-latest.tgz which is really not helpful.  The
rationale behind this is that Debian has automatic tools to parse
upstream release pages to track new versions.  So in your case the
tarball should be named.


or something like this - just a (sortable) version number inside the
file name.  Considering the size of the source perhaps some better
compression method comes to mind you could do something like

1:  tar \
2:     --owner=root --group=root --mode=a+rX \
3:     --exclude-vcs \
4:     -caf oscar-<versionstring>.tar.xz


  Options in line 2:
     These options help to create a better reproducible (byte
     identical) tarball
  Options in line 3:
     Exclude Vcs remainings
     (this is what I mean by pure "source code release" besides
      the clean step you were mentioning)
  Options in 4:
     the -a option detects automatically the compression method
     when using xz (for instance) it chooses xz compression
     (the same for bz2 or gz at your preference)

Hope this helps



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