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Re: OSCAR 10.12 has been packaged

Hi Peter,

On Wed, Aug 01, 2012 at 03:14:12PM -0400, Peter Hutten-Czapski wrote:
> I spoke to the programmers (the real ones) We were looking to either
> remove, separate, and/or rewrite stuff where the license wasn't clear
> in the next release. They did as much as they could with the licensing
> for 12.1 (which is NOT the source you examined, but the release that
> will be out in two weeks).

Sounds like a reasonable target.  As I said it would help drastically
to have some kind of source code release (=versioned tarball excluding
VCS information).

> We should probably start a document to give
> us a working
>  list of things which need closer inspection.


> So for now I am going back on hold, but will keep Debian med in mind
> (and continue to lurk there).


> Thanks for the bump and thanks again
> for your support.

Thanks for the cooperation



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