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Re: OSCAR 10.12 has been packaged

> Sounds like a reasonable target.  As I said it would help drastically
> to have some kind of source code release (=versioned tarball excluding
> VCS information).

One last question for your indulgence before we putter some more
cleaning the source.  I can tar ball my git repository easily, and can
pull the branch in the state which matches the build of the binary in
the (sort of) deb that I publish.  The tarball provides what I
consider the source as I can simply mvn clean install.  Yes there is
hidden metatdata that is not necessary for the build, but it is
obviously not what you are looking for.

What is a "versioned tarball" "source code release"  (if its too
complicated for an email please provide a URL)
Peter Hutten-Czapski
Haileybury Ontario

"The attitude that ‘if rural people want these services they’ll have
to come to the city to get them’ is simply not acceptable…” (Newbery,

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