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Re: OSCAR 10.12 has been packaged

I spoke to the programmers (the real ones) We were looking to either
remove, separate, and/or rewrite stuff where the license wasn't clear
in the next release. They did as much as they could with the licensing
for 12.1 (which is NOT the source you examined, but the release that
will be out in two weeks). We should probably start a document to give
us a working
 list of things which need closer inspection.

So for now I am going back on hold, but will keep Debian med in mind
(and continue to lurk there).  Thanks for the bump and thanks again
for your support.
Peter Hutten-Czapski
Haileybury Ontario

"The attitude that ‘if rural people want these services they’ll have
to come to the city to get them’ is simply not acceptable…” (Newbery,

Before printing, think about the environment. Avant d' imprimer,
pensez à l'environnement.

> I also had a quick look into the binary JAR file issue and found 69
> files that will need closer inspection.  IMHO for the moment it is to
> hard to get rid of all these in one rush and so we probably need to go
> to the non-free section of Debian.  In any case we need to make sure
> that we assemble the licenses of these JAR files - some 'UNKNOWN'
> strings in the file names are looking suspicious.
> Kind regards
>       Andreas.

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