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Re: OSCAR 10.12 has been packaged

Hi Peter,

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 04:47:11PM -0400, Peter Hutten-Czapski wrote:
> I confess that I build debs manually by just compressing a file structure

I had some look into your packaging and you are refering to version


When looking at sourceforge there seem to be some binaries at


which are featuring version number 12.  Could you give some motivation
for your "-1.6" appendix to this version number?  The changelog does
only feature one single enty and thus I would expect a "12-1" version

Regarding the *sources* I'm a bit unsure where I can find matching
sources for this binary release 12.  The sourceforge site


lists files which are originated from 2009 whily the 12 release was in
2012.  Where can I find the latest sources?

Kind regards



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