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Re: package description rewording discussion

>> Yes I know, but I was talking about the tasks not the packages.
>>     http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/blends/projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/
> That's the same.  You need to translate the package descriptions of
>    med-bio
>    med-practice
>    med-data
>    ...

Ahh. I already translated most of them (may be more this night).

> [...] med-typesetting - I admit publish might be a better
> name.  More opinions.

med-publish +1

>> The idea
>> behind this hypothesis would be to include in Debian Med specific
>> packages dependencies to other packages that are not maintained by the
>> team and show these packages in the tasks (with a comment). For
>> example, in my current practice I often need a manager of notes...
> That's exactly what I mean:  Could we define some kind of office tools
> (not publication related) which would be a reasonable set for a
> practice.

Ooookkkkkaaaayyyyyy. I wanted to be sure of what is possible and what is not...
I'll think about this and come back to the list with some proposals.


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