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Re: package description rewording discussion

Hi Eric,

thanks for the review of the metapackage descriptions.

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 01:33:25AM +0200, Eric Maeker wrote:
> Hi,
> I've translated some packages and it seems that some description can be reworded:

Just for the sake of interest:  Where did you tried to do the translations?
The proper place to translate med-cloud into French would be


> - med-cloud: description is tooooooooo long +++ Please can someone help on rewording (with short sentences). It's not my domain of competence...

Hmmmm, are you talking about

  Description: Debian Med bioinformatics applications usable in cloud computing
   This metapackage will install Debian packages related to molecular biology,
   structural biology and bioinformatics for use in life sciences, that do not
   depend on graphical toolkits and therefore can fit on system images for use
   in cloud computing clusters, where space can be limited.

I can not see in how far this qualifies for tooooooo long, sorry.  On
the contrary - we do have some other descriptions which are 't shrt'.

> - med-oncology: it seems like this package should be splitted into many
>   * med-radio-oncology: in the description `sed /radiation oncology/cancer radiotherapy/`?
>   * med-medical-oncology: This metapackage will install useful tools for medical oncology. ?
>   * med-surgical-oncology: This metapackage will install useful tools for surgical oncology. ?
>   * I didn't check if there are packages to link with these ones...

I do not see any point in cutting a task into pieces which is featuring
one single dependency (dicompyler) inside Debian.  Cutting one thing
into three which results in two empty tasks does not make sense to me.
Lets talk about this in 3-5 years, right?
> - med-data: rewording ?
> Actual: 
>  There is at least one free medical drug database packaged for Debian
>  which can be installed using this metapackage.  It is supported by the
>  GNUmed Electronic Medical Record package.
> Proposed:
>  This meta-package will install free drug database and related applications.

I'm not against rewording but a package description should be no one
liner.  Lintian warns about less than three lines (and I think this is
> Question:
> How can I translate the tasks in french? I did not find any .po in the blend SVN... Is that possible?

See above.  The canonical way to translate any package description is


and there are very good reasons to have the translations not directly
inside the package.

Kind regards



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