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Re: Tasks pages (close to) fixed; Bibref does not seem to be updated automatically

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 08:26:54AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> perhaps surprisingly, I am considering Subversion in collab-maint for the task.
> I really like the "svn cat" command, that fetches a file without needing a
> checkout or a web frontend, and in that case it may be useful sometimes.

Fine for me.  I'm a friend of just picking the tool which fits best
instead of stubbornly sticking to a single one.  BTW, you also might
consider collab-qa which in this case would stick next to UDD code.
> I think that for each package where I attempt to download the upstream file, I
> will also download the copyright file.  This will help to see how the system
> behaves with a higher-coverage resource. 

I was close to suggesting also this but just forgot.  Please do so,
> For the layout, I would do something like /upstream/packagename and
> /copyright/packagename, or even /upstream/pool/packagename and
> /copyright/pool/packagename, where pool would reflect the same subdirectories
> as in the Debian archive.
> ...
> Since the files
> will be stored in a VCS, it will be easy to complement or replace the system
> later without changing the layout of how and where the files are provided.
> ...
> Any comment on the VCS and the layout ?  I am very flexible on this.

As I said you might consider collab-qa over collab-maint and after
thinking hard what you mean with the term "pool" I think you mean the
"initial letter separation" like


(I would keep upstream and copyright in one tree to avoid having dirs
with only one single file as leaves of the tree.) I confirm that this
seems to be the most straightforeward and simple solution to gather the
VCS state of upstream and copyright files.

Kind regards



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