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Re: Tasks pages (close to) fixed; Bibref does not seem to be updated automatically

Le Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 05:23:47PM +0100, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> Just to make sure I understood the suggestion correctly:  You want to
> create a Git repository keeping *copies* of the debian/upstream files
> which are stored currently in VCSes of packages?  Yes, this would very
> easily solve my problem to gather the original information for UDD.
> Something like a directory layout
>      <packagename>/upstream
> or also
>      <packagename>.upstream
> in a Git repository would be a very cool thing and very easy to fetch
> for UDD.  I'd love to see this available soonish.

Hi Andreas,

perhaps surprisingly, I am considering Subversion in collab-maint for the task.
I really like the "svn cat" command, that fetches a file without needing a
checkout or a web frontend, and in that case it may be useful sometimes.

I think that for each package where I attempt to download the upstream file, I
will also download the copyright file.  This will help to see how the system
behaves with a higher-coverage resource. 

For the layout, I would do something like /upstream/packagename and
/copyright/packagename, or even /upstream/pool/packagename and
/copyright/pool/packagename, where pool would reflect the same subdirectories
as in the Debian archive.  My incursions in the Lintian lab, or simply each
time I go trough /usr/share/doc on my computer, showed me that default linux
installations are not very comfortable with directories in wich there are
thousands of files.

I will organise the gathering through Umegaya, that is, mostly based on the VCS
URL fields, plus some heuristics for Debian Med repositories.  Since the files
will be stored in a VCS, it will be easy to complement or replace the system
later without changing the layout of how and where the files are provided.

Any comment on the VCS and the layout ?  I am very flexible on this.



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