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Re: Tasks pages (close to) fixed; Bibref does not seem to be updated automatically

Hi Charles,

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 12:25:17AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I have a working implementation as a Debian package that will allow us to
> transfer easily the Umegaya gatherer for bibliographic information to
> debian-med.debian.net.  I do not remember if I have the root access to
> that machine... Can you add me to the sudo group ?

You are sudo now.
> Once installed there, you will have full access to the system as well.
> I have finished the transition from debian/upstream-metadata.yaml to
> debian/upstream, and PMID and DOI to Reference-PMID and Reference-DOI
> (for Debian Med).  This will allow us to quickly refill the gatherer
> and feed the UDD again.

I noticed this.  I just verified the current data in UDD and noticed
that some packages are lacking information even if the upstream file
just has it (for instance mira-assembler has only DOI in UDD).  May be
we could track this down than.

> Currently the gatherer depends on debcheckout to figure out the URL
> to the VCS.  This means that packages not in our archive are not
> directly visible.  This is where the command line interface comes
> to play.  I guess the equivalent of "blends-inject" will be
> the command to load a yet-unknown URL.


    find <SVN-checkout> -type f -name upstream

as well as

    find /git/debian-med -type f -name upstream

on alioth could at least uncover some of our upstream files.  I checked
debian-science SVN and DebiChem SVN and did not found any relevant
> I think that a HTTP interface to this would be nice and doable, with
> safety nets to for instance limit the possible repositories to
> the debian.org domain.

Hmmm, I currently can not imagine any use for this - may be I'm to
narrow minded on the usage on the tasks pages.
> I will continue the work tomorrow.
>   http://git.debian.org/?p=users/plessy/umegaya.git

But there is a lot of time left for today. ;-))

Thanks for your work on this



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