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Re: Tasks pages (close to) fixed; Bibref does not seem to be updated automatically

Hi Andreas,

I have a working implementation as a Debian package that will allow us to
transfer easily the Umegaya gatherer for bibliographic information to
debian-med.debian.net.  I do not remember if I have the root access to
that machine... Can you add me to the sudo group ?

Once installed there, you will have full access to the system as well.

I have finished the transition from debian/upstream-metadata.yaml to
debian/upstream, and PMID and DOI to Reference-PMID and Reference-DOI
(for Debian Med).  This will allow us to quickly refill the gatherer
and feed the UDD again.

Currently the gatherer depends on debcheckout to figure out the URL
to the VCS.  This means that packages not in our archive are not
directly visible.  This is where the command line interface comes
to play.  I guess the equivalent of "blends-inject" will be
the command to load a yet-unknown URL.

I think that a HTTP interface to this would be nice and doable, with
safety nets to for instance limit the possible repositories to
the debian.org domain.

I will continue the work tomorrow.




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