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Re: ITP: agherman, a sleep-research experiment manager, EDF recording viewer/scorer, sleep homeostat modeller

Hi Andrei,

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 06:06:06PM +0200, andrei zavada wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response.  The most fitting task to slot my
> package into, I am quite certain would be Research.  It is for all
> those PhD students out there (like myself six years ago) who having
> done a bunch of EEG recordings, face a choice of some proprietary,
> thousands-euro licensed Windows-only software which they don't have,
> and a blinking cursor in Octave :}

OK, I'll add it to research then.
> I have already an email from Yaroslav, with whom I hope I'll sort out
> whatever issues my ITP may have.


> I'm still a little dizzy getting
> (re-)acquainted with Debian (I shamelessly defected to Gentoo last
> year).

I wonder whether Gentoo has some team caring for medical software to
some extend.  I do not have problems with other distributions - they
would not exist if some people would not make any sense out of them.  I
just think that if you are working in a specific field - in our case
specifically medicine and biology - you should pick the dirstibution
that provides the best support for this task.  I have never seen a
distribution which fullfills this criterion better than Debian.

Kind regards and good luck with getting (re-)acquainted :-)



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