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Re: FreeDiams 0.6.0

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:27:13PM +0100, Eric MAEKER wrote:
> > When I had a look into FreeMedForms I noticed that it contains the very
> > same file
> > 
> >  global_resources/databases/drugs/master.db
> > 
> > I'd regard this as a waste of disk space / badnwidth to ship copies of
> > 64MB files in different packages
> Yop I've already thought about this.
> >  2. Making FreeMedForms Depend from freediams-data (arch=all) package
> >     which basically has the file above has payload.  Other files
> >     inside this package are small enough to keep the package as it is
> >     and to not strip the single file from it.  Alternatively we just
> >     move this single file to freediams-data and move all remaining
> >     files to freediams (arch=any) package.
> Can there be a third solution (my prefered one) ?
>   3. Create a package containing only the database/drugs/master.db file. This package can be called
> 	freemedforms-drugs
>      If this is easily designable.

IMHO this is quite equivalent to my proposed second solution - but it is
freediams-drugs (we do not have a freemedforms package yet).  If you
move master.db from freediams-data there is (byte wise) not much left
which rectifies an additional arch=all package.  However if you want the
name to be renamed to freemedforms-drugs that's perfectly OK for me.

> Can we consider to create a second package called
> 	freemedforms-icd10

Uhmm, this is definitely non-free.  If you want to make this database
part of FreeDiams the whole package will go to non-free.  Just the name
of the License "Non-commercial research license" disqualifies for
distribution in main Debian.  I would suggest to create a separate
source tarball freemedforms-icd10 (and we might build an according
Debian package).  Alternatively I need to create a get-orig-source
script which splits ICD10 data from the original tarball to let
FreeDiams remain in main.  Please make pretty sure that it is possible
to run FreeDiams without having freemedforms-icd10 installed on the
machine because the maximum relation can be a Suggests.

>      which contains only the database/icd10/icd10.db. Cause this DB will be used in FreeICD, FreeMedForms and FreeDiams packaging.

I guess a potential package FreeICD needs to go to non-free guessed
by the license of the Database.
>      And finally the pixmaps package (that can be sync for all apps)
> 	freemedforms-theme

This could be done but are there any pixmaps shared between FreeDiams
and FreeMedforms?  If yes, which ones are these common files?
> The third solution can make the updating process of data much easier for me (if I can build only one package instead of all). But the third solution needs me to update some part of my code and needs to be sync with OpenSuse, Fedora, Slackware and... Or may be a `ln -s` can be the solution to access to theme/databases. We should try this.
> 	eg: ln -s /usr/share/freediams/database/drugs/master.db /usr/share/freemedforms/database/drugs/master.db

This can be done for sure (in case we make freemedforms:
  Depends: freediams-drugs
> > So far for the preparation of FreeMedForms which should be done here
> > and now in FreeDiams before we keep on working on FreeMedForms.
> I totally agree this proposition.
> > In *any* case we definitely need a license statement for the master.db
> > file which is also missing in the debian/copyright file.
> Added.

You were mentioning four PD databases but the Belgium drugs database
says "unknown".  This license should be clarified otherwise it is simply
non-free and this non-free license of a part of the file master.db makes
the whole file non-free.

Moreover I would really prefer to see the source data files shipped
inside the FreeDiams source tarball and create the database in the build
process.  This makes things much more transparent and would make it
quite simple to leave out non-free parts like the Belgium database.

In addition there might be bug reports (in whatever form) which needs us
to fix something inside the database.  I learned that this is close to
impossible when dealing with the wordnet package which I originally
maintained on the basis of preprocessed data.  I needed to go back and
to provide the original source of the database to fix spelling errors

> > Also ftpmaster usually asks for "the source" of binary files. Is there
> > any plain text "source" which is turned into an SQLite file later on
> Yes. Added. Please note that raw source are transformed by one of our app before beeing usable in FreeMedForms.

This "one of our app" is the cruxial point here:  What kind of app,
where is the source and how can I reproduce this database building
Kind regards and thanks for the license clarifications



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