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Re: FreeDiams 0.6.0

Hi Eric,

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 05:25:23PM +0100, Eric MAEKER wrote:
> Ok uploading FreeDiams 0.6.2.
> This upstream will fix all bugs we notified during the packaging of v0.6.0.


When I had a look into FreeMedForms I noticed that it contains the very
same file


I'd regard this as a waste of disk space / badnwidth to ship copies of
64MB files in different packages and I wonder what you would call the
best solution of these two suggestions:

  1. Making FreeMedForms explicitely Depend from FreeDiams (which is
     probably reasonable in any case - it's your decision what makes
     more sense a strong Depends or rather a Recommends).  In case
     it is not possible to configure the search path to this DB we
     could place a symlink.

  2. Making FreeMedForms Depend from freediams-data (arch=all) package
     which basically has the file above has payload.  Other files
     inside this package are small enough to keep the package as it is
     and to not strip the single file from it.  Alternatively we just
     move this single file to freediams-data and move all remaining
     files to freediams (arch=any) package.

So far for the preparation of FreeMedForms which should be done here
and now in FreeDiams before we keep on working on FreeMedForms.  In
*any* case we definitely need a license statement for the master.db
file which is also missing in the debian/copyright file.  Also
ftpmaster usually asks for "the source" of binary files.  Is there
any plain text "source" which is turned into an SQLite file later on
or is this form just the basic source of information?

> Thanks for your review.
> > Playing thanks-ping-pong - cool. :-)
> Thanks-pong :D

Ping :-P



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