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Re: FreeDiams 0.6.0

Hi Eric,

thanks for keeping us updated about your activities.  I'll start
traveling in a couple of minutes (=beeing offline today) and will see
what I can do for FreeDiams and FreeMedForms (in this sequence of
priorities) and keep you updated how far I went.

Kind regards and congratulations to your birthday ;-)


On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 10:51:50PM +0100, Eric MAEKER wrote:
> Hi all,
> FreeDiams is updated to a stable version: 0.6.0. Since last v0.5.4, lots of news mainly in the drug engines and the drug database architecture.
> Website updated.
> 	http://www.freemedforms.com
> Packages uploaded (Mac, Win, Sources), and PPA building (oneiric already compiled... 19minutes after the upload...)
> Thanks
> -----
> Eric Maeker, MD (Fr)
> http://www.freemedforms.com
> http://www.ericmaeker.fr
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