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Re: FreeDiams 0.6.0

Le 9 nov. 2011 à 07:50, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> On Tue, Nov 08, 2011 at 10:43:43PM +0100, Eric MAEKER wrote:
>> In pixmaps, you can add the Tango project (mostly all pixmaps are taken from this project).
> Would you mind doing it yourself.  It would take me some research what
> actually "the Tango" project is but you obviousely know ...
>>> status of SVN and run afterwards
>>>    lintian -i -I *.dsc *.deb
>>> you get a lot of lintian Infos about spelling problems.
>> Ah... I'm not under Debian today, but I'll check this as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, the fixes will only be included in the next upstream (end of cycle fixed to January 2012 if there are no blocking bugs). I've added the commands to the roadmap of releases.
> I do not want to be over-picky because of some misspellings.  I just
> wanted to know whether your release plan might consider some minor
> release soonish.  Otherwise we might go with the current version and
> trust that it will be fixed later.

Ok I've corrected all the typos. Some warned typos are not typos but french or latin words (Nam, dont) (some part of the code is really specific to Frenchies). By the same type, these typos will be also corrected in the FreeMedForms' (future) package.

Hyphen and empty dir warnings are corrected too.
Doc base url corrected too.

I think that in rules: override_dh_install: you do not need to copy doc files they are automatically installed by make install.

I'll try to commit the source package today. FreeDiams version will be upgraded to v0.6.2.

>> All the FreeMedForms team would like to thanks you for the time you've spend and you still spend on the Debian packaging of the FreeDiams and FreeMedForms apps. These packaging would not have been possible without your help. Humble thanks !!!
> No problem - it's a give and take.  Without FreeDiams Debian Med would
> not have a drugs prescription application.


> Kind regards
>     Andreas. 

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