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Re: Correction to web site information: OpenMRS has debian packages available for download

> 2) 
> I am looking into packaging OpenMRS for Debian Med, but first realize I
> have to _install_ Debian Med.

Again, Debian Med is not a distribution so you cannot install it. Debian Med
*is* Debian. It is a project taking care of medical packages inside Debian.
So, install Debian.

> but did not actually find a quick guide as to how to _install_ debian
> med (my main distro is Ubuntu 10.04).

You cannot install Debian Med if you run Ubuntu. However, you can install
some Ubuntu packages which are under the care of Debian Med inside Debian
and which are in Ubuntu *because* Debian Med does such a good job of taking
care of them.

> 3) I noticed your packages are also provided in Ubuntu:
> https://launchpad.net/~debian-med-packaging/+related-software
> is this done by
> a) Debian Med team manually?
> b) Debian Med team automatically?
> c) someone else entirely?
> In other words, would creating a Debian med package also result in a
> corresponding Ubuntu package, or would this be a separate process?

A separate process.

> 4) A quickly philosophy question with packaging implications.
> OpenMRS, to my knowledge, works best with the Sun JDK (there is not a
> good link for this currently - best is
> http://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Step+by+Step+Installation+for
> +Developers
> but does not mention Sun explicitly).
> I found sun-java6 packages for Debian.
> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=sun-java6&searchon=names&suite=stable&section=all
> I noticed they are labeled non-free.
> My understanding of Debian was always (perhaps incorrectly) that Debian
> believes in being a completely open-source system (vs, e.g., Ubuntu)

That is why the Sun JDK is in the non-free part of the repositories which
users need to activate by active decision thereby actively making their
system not completely free anymore.

> Would making OpenMRS depend on non-free packages be unacceptable? 

No. But preferably it would work with a free alternative, if technically
possible. Trying that and reporting the results (to OpenMRS and the free
JDK in question) would be a great achievement in its own right.

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