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Re: Connecting those interested in getting GT.M into the Debianrepositories

On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 11:40:55PM -0400, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> Writabilty of files: I prefer for an installed version of GT.M to not 
> have *any* writable files, even if root-owned and only owner-writable.  

Debian policy has a read-only mounted /usr partition in mind.  While in
practice this is very rarely used the principle is valid, that anything
which is installed to /usr should not be touched manually.  If there are
configuration files these should be moved to /etc/<pkgname> and
symlinked from /usr.  So what you are asking for is completely in the
line as we are working anyway.

> The prerm script can make files writable for removal, or the remove 
> script can use a -f flag to override.

The prerm file will remove the package content anyway (and it also
should care for those filese which might have been created when using
the program).  Data which are subject of change should go to
/var/lib/<pkgname> (and should be cleaned up as well if the package
is *purged*).
> Unicode version: GT.M itself requires ICU version 3.6 or higher.  
> However, there is a defect in the way Debian packages ICU, by putting 
> the version number in the package name (e.g., libicu36).  So, there is 
> no way to define a dependency for GT.M of version 3.6 or greater.

This was just clarified by Charles.

> Source tarballs: the same source tarball is used to build both the 32- 
> and 64-bit executables.  Note that GT.M compiler's code generator is 
> very different internally for the two, but we only release one source 
> tarball from which you can build both binaries.

Thanks for the clarification.
> GT.M versions: I see no reason to package anything other than the 
> latest, V5.4-001.  Once we establish (Alan establishes) a process for 
> creating GT.M Debian packages from upstream releases, then future 
> releases will slide into place!

> I think I have responded to all the issues.  If I have overlooked any, 
> please let me know, and I will respond tomorrow (Tuesday, September 7, 
> US Eastern time).  Thanks Alan and Andreas for all your efforts.

Thanks for the clarifications



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