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Re: FreeMedForms project

Hi Eric,

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 12:57:04AM +0200, Eric MAEKER wrote:
> Thank you for your help on providing a package for FreeDiams 0.4.2. This 
> was a great enjoyement to work with you on this.

I hope it was an enjoyment to work in the Debian Med team - thus I just
post to the list because the following is definitely interestint
(shamelessly ignoring Netiquette).

> May be you remember that FreeDiams is part of a more global work called 
> FreeMedForms. The FreeMedForms project is a set of medical applications. 
> The main one is the EMR : FreeMedForms. It is actually in alpha stage. 
> Lots of features are already added and functionnal.
> I believe the FreeMedForms EMR could be part of Debian-Med.

Sure it is.

> I was wondering if you would like to help me in providing a source and  
> debian package. The sources are shared from FreeMedForms and FreeDiams  
> so all the work already done on FreeDiams is also done for FreeMedForms.
> 	http://www.freemedforms.org/

We definitely can proceed like in the case of FreeDiams.  Just tell me
if there is some preliminary packaging stuff and simply commit the
debian/ directory to the SVN.  Either me (or somebody else of the team)
will have a look and than we proceed as before.  IMHO we have a lot of
time until Debian 7.0 will be released to stabilize FreeMedForms in
Debian. ;-)

> I can start some specific work in about two or three weeks (FreeDiams  
> 0.5.0 should be released at this time).

Great.  Guessing from past experience the packaging of new upstream
versions is not that hard as the initial packaging so I do not expect
any real problems here to move this quickly to Debian unstable.  It
might be that we should even use the experimental distribution as long
as Squeeze is not yet released - but that's just a detail.

Kind regards and thanks for working together with Debian Med



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