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Re: Connecting those interested in getting GT.M into the Debian repositories

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the tips on SVN -- very helpful!

When last I wrote, I had begun to think that you and I were working with one different assumption, and from what you just wrote, it is now confirmed. The package I have built is not a source package, it is a binary package. I have compiled GT.M from source in the past, but it has an interesting twist: To build GT.M from source, you must already have the binary installed on your machine because somehow the binary is used to help with the build. (I've always gotten a kick out of that -- how was the very first version of GT.M compiled? :)

To continue, I'll need to learn more about building source packages -- it's something I've never done before. If you're up for offering some more help along the way, I'm willing to continue down this road. I've never shied away from learning new things.

One thing that does occur to me, though, is that since building GT.M requires the binary installation, it may be necessary to distribute a binary package as well.

What are your thoughts?



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