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Re: Connecting those interested in getting GT.M into the Debian repositories

On Sat, Sep 04, 2010 at 01:16:06PM -0400, Alan O'Neill wrote:
> I'm certainly still interested in helping to get GT.M into the stream,  
> but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with what seem to be the  
> requirements.

We are here to help you overcoming the feeling of beeing overwhelmed.

> I like, though, that the documentation recommends working  
> with a mentor when you're new to packaging (which I certainly am :).  I  
> gather from what I've read in your postings, that you're adept at these  
> things.  My hope is that you or someone else in this group might be able  
> to provide me with some assistance.

This is in fact what we really want to do here.  VistA is a real killer
application and it would drastically enhance Debian Med so we are really
interested.  IMHO sharing expertise is the most straightforeward way to
go here:  We are lacking expertise in GT.M, but we are knowing a lot
about packaging - so we try to do our best here.

> To let you know where things are, I've tried several times to create an  
> account at alioth.debian.org, but when I try to confirm the account, it  
> returns the error message "Error Could Not Get User".  Have you  
> encountered this problem before?  (If it's helpful, the account name I  
> selected was "alanoneill".)

This seems to have worked:


and I just have added you to the Debian Med team which grants you commit
permission to SVN and Git.

> Also, I've made the following changes to the package:
> - I used the information in the Debian Med Policy to update some of the  
> fields in the DEBIAN/control file.
> - Where appropriate, I changed the owner and/or group from "bin" to  
> "fis-gtm".


> - I put the permissions on the directories back to r-xr-xr-x (awaiting  
> Bhaskar's response to your question).
> Looking forward to hearing from you.

I would recommend to commit your current state of work to 


(or any better name than gtm according to your own decision - just follow
the example of all the other packages there).

Do not hesitate to keep on asking if something remains unclear.

Kind regards



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