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Re: Connecting those interested in getting GT.M into the Debian repositories

On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 09:29:34AM -0400, Alan O'Neill wrote:
> Thanks for the tips on SVN -- very helpful!


> When last I wrote, I had begun to think that you and I were working with  
> one different assumption, and from what you just wrote, it is now  
> confirmed.  The package I have built is not a source package, it is a  
> binary package.  I have compiled GT.M from source in the past, but it  
> has an interesting twist:  To build GT.M from source, you must already  
> have the binary installed on your machine because somehow the binary is  
> used to help with the build.  (I've always gotten a kick out of that --  
> how was the very first version of GT.M compiled? :)

Well, this was previousely discussed.  You somehow need to have a GT.M
installed on the system and then you build the first binary package.
For past discussions probably this is the best link:


> To continue, I'll need to learn more about building source packages --  
> it's something I've never done before.

To make it clear:  For official Debian we are *only* talking about
source packages which are turned into binary packages using the Debian
packaging tools which are based on dpkg-buildpackage and its wrappers
like debuild, pdebuild or others.

A source package consists of the original source tarball and a debian/
directory which contains the files which are needed to build the binary
package.  That is what we are talking about as "building a package".
It is documented in several places and probably this is the best entry


> One thing that does occur to me, though, is that since building GT.M  
> requires the binary installation, it may be necessary to distribute a  
> binary package as well.

See above the link to the discussion thread on debian-devel list.

Kind regards



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