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Re: Hi! I am new, I would appreciate some direction

Hey Steffen.

> I had a look into this a couple of years ago. There are some
> more programs for us to package first, if I recall correctly.

yes, unfortunately signalp ( i think ) and tmhhm are not Free as in
Liberty available (who on earth sends uuencoded tar files as mail
attachments these days?) but upstream may be convinced to gracefully
allow for the repackaging of the binaries, which can be in nonfree.

> I am not sure about the license, thinking that this is what
> had stopped me at the time.

copypasta from iprscan/FAQ.txt:

> What are the terms for commercial companies for
> using InterProScan?

As stated in the InterPro documentation, the manual and database
may be copied and redistributed freely, without advance permission,
provided that this Copyright statement is reproduced with each copy.
The InterProScan software is distributed under the GNU license, as
are the included scanning tools (except SignalP and TMHMM, see later).
Therefore, you do not need a special license for commercial use but
please cite the resource and keep the Copyright statement with your

InterPro - Integrated Resource Of Protein Domains And
Functional Sites
Copyright (C) 2001 The InterPro Consortium.

so, this is definitely possible, but the framework needs cleaning up
and disentanglement.

> Best,
> Steffen

Regards from Saudi Arabia,

George Marselis

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