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Hi! I am new, I would appreciate some direction

Hey guys!

I am a bit new to the Debian packaging. I am also a  bit lost because
there is so much input to digest and it is coming from all directions.
I would appreciate a bit of guidance:

I stumbled on debian-med after I filed the ITP for MIRA. I read the
new maintainers guide, and Mr Pressy passed over his ticket. i have
some ideas what to do, but I have a question or two:

0) Do I have any obligations towards debian-med I need to fulfill? Or
by finishing packaging MIRA I would help already a great deal?  As
soon as i finish this ITP, i am planning to fork InterPro Scan - the
perl version, and MAKE IT SANE to work with. I understand that Sanger
has been working on a Java version of the program for at least six
months now, but it will take come to be publicized. in the meantime,
we are stuck with the interpro scan than has N+1 configuration files
and well, modularity suffers a bit.  I also plan fix it a bit to make
it work better with clusters (it doesn't report on which host a tool
is running), see if i can improve error logging (send stuff to syslog
in particular) and test it with more than one version of Platform LSF.
I can attest that it is right now working with Platform LSF 7.0.

1) Mr Plessy:  Do i have to use the files in your MIRA or was it just
a suggestion? I already have my debian/ dir ready (more or less, needs
patching for Bastien's tutorials)

2) Is it possible to use git? I do not have access to alioth to commit
to the mira svn repo. I will create "vendor branches" from 2.7 onwards
(download 2.7, unpackage, add to repo, commit, repeat for next
edition). I got experience working with git/hg/perforce/svn and
*lurch* cvs. Bastien is working with CVS and he said he will consider
moving to something newer. I will apply for an account in alioth, but
git seems like a natural choice right now.

3) besides the new maintainer's guide, is there anything else i should read ?

4) i am aiming 3.0.5 for sid-backports and 3.2 for squeeze when it
becomes testing. are there any deadlines?

um, that's the first batch of questions :)

thank you :)


George Marselis

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