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Re: Hi! I am new, I would appreciate some direction

Hi George,

[please gove me a hint whether you are subscribed to this list and
 I'll stop CCing you]

On Fri, Sep 03, 2010 at 12:13:10AM +0300, George Marselis wrote:
> I would appreciate a bit of guidance:

We are keen on guiding new volunteers for the project.
> 0) Do I have any obligations towards debian-med I need to fulfill?

Obligation is probably the wrong word.  It just makes sense to subscribe
this mailing list.  IMHO the best way to start in the Debian Med team is
to read the Debian Med policy document[1] first.

It mentions that you should use either Debian Med SVN or Git and you
need to create an account on alioth.debian.org.  Once this is done just
ask for inclusion into the project which will grant you write
permissions to these repositories.  This makes you somehow a member
of the Debian Med team (even I would not require this as a condition
in general - people who are giving input in the mailinglist or are
doing some translations are also perfectly welcome.

> Or by finishing packaging MIRA I would help already a great deal?

Sure, that would be really interesting.

> As soon as i finish this ITP, i am planning to fork InterPro Scan

Could you please give some more information about InterPro (URL,
short description)) and especially why it needs to be forked.  Are
you talking about[2]?

> - the
> perl version, and MAKE IT SANE to work with. I understand that Sanger
> has been working on a Java version of the program for at least six
> months now, but it will take come to be publicized. in the meantime,
> we are stuck with the interpro scan than has N+1 configuration files
> and well, modularity suffers a bit.  I also plan fix it a bit to make
> it work better with clusters (it doesn't report on which host a tool
> is running), see if i can improve error logging (send stuff to syslog
> in particular) and test it with more than one version of Platform LSF.
> I can attest that it is right now working with Platform LSF 7.0.

In theory your ideas sound reasonable, but as I said I have no real
idea about InterPro.
> 1) Mr Plessy:  Do i have to use the files in your MIRA or was it just
> a suggestion? I already have my debian/ dir ready (more or less, needs
> patching for Bastien's tutorials)

In Free Software there is no "have to use".  Charles just wanted to help
your work.  If it is not helpful you probably can ignore Charles' work -
however, Charles has proven in the past to create high quality packaging
stuff.  COnsidering that you wrote you would be a newcomer having at
least a look onto this is strongly recommended and will give you a good
example.  However, I have not yet looked at Charles' mira packaging,
> 2) Is it possible to use git?

Yes.  Pleae check the policy[1] or keep on asking here if something
remains unclear.

> I do not have access to alioth to commit
> to the mira svn repo.

Please create an Alioth login.  You can perfectly move the packaging
from svn to git if it simplifies your work.  Debian is a Do-O-cracy and
thus the doer decides what gets done.  If you are volunteering to
package Mira - just decide where the packaging stuff will be stored.

> 3) besides the new maintainer's guide, is there anything else i should read ?

As I said - most importantly [1] and the packaging stuff of other
packages in Debian Med SVN repository should be quite instructive.
> 4) i am aiming 3.0.5 for sid-backports and 3.2 for squeeze when it
> becomes testing. are there any deadlines?

The deadline for Squeeze can not be mat any more - we are in freeze
period.  It has turned out tat targeting at a certain release is not
feasible - just do a proper packaging of the recent stable upstrean
version and we will se in what distribution it will go.
> um, that's the first batch of questions :)

Hope that my first batch of answers was helpful

Kind regards


[1] http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/docs/policy.html 
[2] http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Tools/InterProScan/


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