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Re: Hi! I am new, I would appreciate some direction

 On 09/02/2010 11:57 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:

Hi George, hi Andreas,
>> As soon as i finish this ITP, i am planning to fork InterPro Scan
> Could you please give some more information about InterPro (URL,
> short description)) and especially why it needs to be forked.  Are
> you talking about[2]?
Interproscan is the tool assigning entries of the Interpro
member databases (PRINTS, PROSITE, ...) to protein sequences.
It would be good to have with Debian, indeed.

I had a look into this a couple of years ago. There are some
more programs for us to package first, if I recall correctly.
I am not sure about the license, thinking that this is what
had stopped me at the time. But even if we cannot redistribute
it, it would be nice to have a debian folder here.



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