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Re: Plans for Squeeze release and Alioth accounts.

Charles Plessy wrote:
> Bonjour Vincent,
> all DDs have write access to the Debian Med Subversion repository, so if you do
> not mind, I would rather remove you from the Alioth project's member list. I
> wonder if a too long list may give the false impression that we have plenty of
> manpower.

Ok. That is fine.

> By the way, I have not updated altree yet, because it introduces new
> dependancies that need to be grabbed from your public repository first
> (libtamuanova-perl, wich itself depends on tamuanova). Do you know if TAMU
> ANOVA is used by other software?

Not that I know.

> If yes, I will try to RFP it first and see if
> there are volunteers on debian-science@l.d.o.

Ask me : this is a very little package and I already need to maintain it
(same for libtamuanova-perl, nanova and libnanova-perl that
are other new dependecies and for which I'm also upstream)
However, I do not think that altree 1.1.0 should be packaged : they
are still bugs in the new method added in altree 1.1.0 and the doc is not


> Have a nice day,

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