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Plans for Squeeze release and Alioth accounts.

Dear all,

time flies fast and we are already between one third and the half of this
release cycle. I propose that we discuss what are the goals that we would like
to acheive in Debian Squeeze.

In parallel, I am making a general ping of the members of our Alioth project. I
think that it is good for a communauty that we know each other, and with the
increasing number of members things are getting a bit anonymous. Also, quite a
few take a very passive position – no commits, no actively maintained packages
that we'd be aware of and no contributions to the mailing list. The goal of
this ping is that the list of Alioth members reflects well the list of
contributors. There is no urge in this housekeeping task, so I will wait
September to re-try to contact those who will not have answered. 

The best way to answer this ping is to reply on the mailing list and share your
plans for the future, but if you think that you do not have much to say, just
reply me in private to tell me to either keep your account or to desactivate it
and move your name to our hall of fame, where Thijs must feel a bit lonely for
the moment ;) http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMedPastMembers

Although the Alioth forge is not meant to be a communauty management tool,
there is also the possibility to keep accounts with the ’doc-writer’ role for
the people whose contribute by other ways than committing in the repository.
Just let us know if you think it would be welcome.

Lastly, even the obviously active members got this email sent to their Alioth
account, because I simply pasted the members list from the following page to
the following command:
cut -f1,2 | perl -ne 'chomp; chop; split /\t/; print " $_[0] <$_[1]\@debian.org>,\n"' | sed 's/guest@/guest@alioth./'
I hope your mailboxes will forgive me.

Have a nice Sunday,

Charles Plessy
Debian Med packaging team,
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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