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Re: Plans for Squeeze release and Alioth accounts.

On Sun, Aug 09, 2009 at 12:08:54PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> time flies fast and we are already between one third and the half of this
> release cycle. I propose that we discuss what are the goals that we would like
> to acheive in Debian Squeeze.

Thanks again for this call.  Here are three things I would have in mind:

  1. Turning the debian-live based live CD Sebastian Hilbert has prepared
     to provide GNUmed into a general Debian Med live CD and maintain the
     input files in our SVN.

     I have not yet dived into debian-live nor am I a big fan of live CDs
     in general.  But I learned that people are asking for it frequently
     and IMHO it comes quite cheap with less effort considering Sebastians
     work.  It would be great if somebody would volunteer to spend some time
     into this.

  2. med-doc: The status of this package is really terrible and I confirm
     that I completely failed to maintain this package properly.  My excuse
     was that I tried to find a proper way to include a doc package properly
     into the Blends framework but this did not yet happened until now and
     will probably not be done until the freeze - so maintaining the package
     as is has to be done to prevent that people ignore the docs completely.

     While talking about documentation: I also "maintain" or rather do not
     maintain the resmed-doc package which is on one hand a really interesting
     document but not maintained upstream any more nor of any real use for
     non-German speaking users.  So what should we do with this package?

  3. GT.M packages.  When I woke up this morning these three goals came into
     my mind while I considered this third goal as rather a "release dream"
     than a release goal because on one hand we really need it to be able
     to come up with VISTA packages at some point in time but we are just
     lacking time and competence here.  Guess how happy I was when I later
     found an e-mail of one of the GT.M coders (K.S. Bhaskar) with subject
     "Questions for Debian packages for GT.M".  I hope that I was able to
     convince him to coordinate here on the list and in SVN to get really
     official Debian packages to move on in the Hospital Information Systems

This are my three goals for Squeeze.  IMHO they are perfectly doable and

Kind regards


Klarmachen zum Ändern!

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