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Re: Psychology task

On Tue, Jun 09, 2009 at 01:36:34PM +0200, Michael Hanke wrote:
> Hmmm,, Psychology is muuuuch broader (being bold here since I am
> Psychologist ;-)

The fact that you see a need to be bold seems like you might have
suffered some kind of discrimination about this in the past.  I
hope you will agree with me that there is at least a common set
between psychology and health care - let's talk about this here
> The health-related part is probably more like psychiatry -- although
> such distinction is also not really appropriate.

For me the question which decides about the relevance of a package
in Debian Med is simple:

   Is the package in question useful for people working in
   health care?

For instance at a later state we could even answer this question
for firefox^Wiceweasel and thunderbird^Wicedove if we might come
to a state to work on a "medical desktop".  For the moment we
ignored such general software and I actually do not see an objective
reason to prefer this specific choice of a browser or a MUA over
others.  I just want to make clear: There is no reason to leave
a package out just because it is not directly targeting at medical
stuff - the question is whether it might be useful here or not.
> > BTW, technically we might try to crosslink the tasks dependencies
> > as Debian Science is doing it with med-bio.
> Yes, that sounds good -- is there an established way already?

Just have a look at


It defines a dependes from med-bio, a suggets med-bio-dev and even
adds another dependency (bauble) which is actially not interesting
for medical care but definitely classifies for biology.  IMHO this
is a perfect example for your case.  This work perfectly with
meta package creation to not duplicate the work of the Debian Med

Remark for the "Meta-{Depends,Suggests}": This is a link to the
future (thanks to the move to UDD not so far future any more). The
intention is to parse the relevant SVN and build tasks pages with
a complete list of dependencies of the metapackages and not the
metapackages med-bio and med-bio-dev themselves which do not make
very much sense on the tasks page of Science Biology[1]
But this issue should not be discussed here but at Debian Blends
list where it belongs to.

Hope this clarifies things.

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.debian.net/science/tasks/biology


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