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Re: The mistery around libsbml

David Paleino wrote:
> Would you please take a look at my git repository? I posted the url in another
> mail.
I didn't get any. Can you send me it again?
>> Could you elaborate on this a bit more? I spent a hard time getting
>> libsbml to fit to the Debian's CLI policy.
> Well.
> With the mono 2.0 transition [1], we are using /usr/bin/csc instead of
> {mcs,gmcs,cscc}, so to avoid other issues when going mono 2.2, 3.0, and so on.
> Secondly, IIRC you're not using cli-common tools the right way. I have no time
> right now (leaving -- university exams), I'll explain everything ASAP :)
I guess I even didn't use them in the first place for some reasons. At
the time I worked on the patch and upstream coordination, there were no
2.0 transion plans if I recall correctly. And oh, good luck with your exam.
> In the meanwhile: http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianMonoGroup/Mono20Transition
I'll have a look into it. Thanks.
> If you just don't feel like doing it, I will :)
Eitherway, let me review your effort first. The upstream has given a go
with my patch for their 4.0 release.


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