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Re: Imported io-lib, a Staden library

On Tue, 8 Jul 2008, James Bonfield wrote:

Maybe I should just give up and embrace the libtool abomination like
the rest of the planet! It probably now works properly on the few
remaining systems that anyone still supports.

When I said autoconf when talking about libraries I certainly also
meant libtool.  I can not commit really large problems (speaking about
Linux only and basically i386).

Apologies for the confusion. I recall your earlier mails, but I wasn't
referring to these in my comment and nor Debian Med. It turns out I
was remembering an Ubuntu variant instead, but it'll still be relevant
enough. I found the recent mail:


Well, one more reason to consolidate build system (and perhaps also the
name to use the chance of doing something new) ...

Kind regards



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