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Re: Imported io-lib, a Staden library

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 04:32:54PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> >Ideally I'd like to rewrite the entire staden build system to use
> >something like autoconf (although maybe one of the newer alternatives
> >that isn't such a dogs breakfast when it comes to dynamic
> >libraries).
> Sounds good.  I did not made bad experiences with autoconf - but
> any modern system might do ...

It's not really autoconf but libtool that has given me grief -
repeatedly. It never quite worked on the Alliant FX/2800 (a somewhat
eclectic system I'll admit) and more recent versions even broke on
Digital Unix too, rendering the whole point of using autoconf
obsolete. Plus it made debugging in-situ a PITA unless you go through
a long-winded full install cycler due to it's insistence on replacing
all binaries with shell scripts that then run hidden binaries in dot

Although having said that the existing build method using static
libraries also cause problems. More recently we just noticed that
linking a dynamic library against code that uses io_lib (somewhat
inadvisably maybe, but it's what a 3rd partly perl module using inline
C was doing) fails as autoconf builds the code using -fpic instead of
-fPIC; afterall it doesn't need to link it to work in a dynamic
library, only a static one. The only way of working past that is to
end up adding machine specific parts to autoconf, which negates its
whole purpose in life.

Maybe I should just give up and embrace the libtool abomination like
the rest of the planet! It probably now works properly on the few
remaining systems that anyone still supports.

> Well, I have mails about this in my mailbox from about one year ago.
> But Debian Med is NOT a derived distro - it is just that it is a
> so called "Custom Debian Distribution" which SOUNDS like it would
> be something else than Debian (which it isn't).

Apologies for the confusion. I recall your earlier mails, but I wasn't
referring to these in my comment and nor Debian Med. It turns out I
was remembering an Ubuntu variant instead, but it'll still be relevant
enough. I found the recent mail:



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