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Re: Out-dated web content

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Tobias Toedter wrote:

By the way, are there plans to move the rest of the subpages (like
dental, imaging, etc.) to the Alioth pages as well? I think that most
pages are available by now, but e.g. dental still seems to be missing.
Should I exchange the static links to the Alioth project, where

My plan ist to at first verify that every prospective package is
taken over to the tasks file.  I finished this for med-bio and will
continue with med-imaging etc.
We probably should decide how to link to med-bio-dev / med-imaging-dev.

I'm really undecided what to do with those sections like dental
where we have no meta package because we have not real package to
depend on inside Debian.  That's we why probably have to live
with some static pages for the moment even if I do not like this.
For some unrelated reason a rewrite od the tools that are used to
build the meta packages is needed and I keep this problem in mind.
Perhaps I will apply a rule that if no single package is available
in Debian no meta package will be created and we just have prospective
packages for our web page.  But I have to see how relieable this
will work.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards and thanks to TObias who cared for the web page



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