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Re: Out-dated web content

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Menelaos Maglis wrote:

thank you for the quick response. As I understand it, the "gnudental"
project is really dead.... The google page is the only remnant of it. I
was a member of the project and as far as I know there is no development
and no communication happening either on mailing list or via private
e-mail. All references to gnudental.org web site are being forwarded to
http://www.gnosysllc.com/ that has some sort of connection to the "Project
Leader" Kevin Ford <kf@gnudental.org>, <gnosys@jabber.org>,
<kf@gnosysllc.com> .  This project was, unfortunately, an ego trip by
Kevin Ford that went down very fast....

Thanks for the clarification - we have just heard rumors about this.

My suggestion, though, is to completely remove all references to that

Well, if there is any free code left for people who would like to
write some dental software I see no reason to hide this knowledge.
Perhaps we should add the information that the project is dead upstream.
What do you think?

Kind regards



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