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Re: Out-dated web content

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Menelaos Maglis wrote:

I aggree in principle, but the gnudental project was just a fork of
opendental project (http://www.open-dent.com/manual/clinuxmac.html) that
really never took off. There was no unique code created in gnudental, so
there is nothing worth preserving. All coding work on the Linux port of
opendental was done by one man (back then) Frederik Carlier
<frederik.carlier@carlier-online.be>, (see also,
http://opendental.carlier-online.be/). The only thing that the gnudental
project offered, besides ego and politics :-| ) was a few bug reports to
Frederik and one or two successfull builds.

I, therefore, suggest reference to gnudental project be completely
deleted, and if Frederik Carlier or Dr Sparks of opendental whishes, you
may add reference to their efforts; open-dent.com.

Thanks once more for the clarification.  I do not think that we
really have to ask anybody whether he wished that we link to his
web page.  Normally peopla are happy about this and thus I think
we should turn the existing Paragraph about GNU Dental into a
paragraph about OpenDental.

BTW, our Dental page is in a terribly bad state.  OdontoLinux does
not really exist any more (neither do the former Debian packages
exist any more in a supported distribution) and also LinuDent
which is listed with an inofficial package seems to be really dead.
We probably should not link to a Debian package that has very low
chances to be installed flawlessly (I never tried but I'm guessing
from the file date ...).

So any volunteers to cleen up our dental page??

I have serious problems to access the CVS of the web pages ...

Kind regards



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