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Re: Autoconf problem (Was: Packaging of aeskulap for Debian and dcmtk issue)

On Tue, 13 Nov 2007, Juergen Salk wrote:

Yup. The Debian dcmtk packages are compiled with libwrap support.
So you have to link against libwrap as well.

Thanks to Jürgens hint I got the package builded and nearly
lintian clean (only minor issues).  But there is a problem which
makes me wonder whether we have to do more.  Aeskulap installs
libraries to /usr/lib.  I wonder if we should release a package
including dynamical and statical library.  The correct way would
probably be to have a libaeskulap package containing the .so files
and make the binary aeskulap package depend from it.  Moreover
the .a files should go - including the needed header files -
to a libaeskulap -dev package.  I really have no idea whether this
makes sense at all and whether there is some need for such
kind of libraries.  Alexander, do you think that the libraries
might make sense for a user without Aeskulap?

Moreover I have an important suggestion to upstream (Alexander Pipelka)
The name libconfiguration is very generic and there is a big danger
to have a name clash.  I would prefer a name like libaeskulap-conf
or something like that.

Kind regards


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