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Re: Some news from the website :)

On Sun, 14 Oct 2007, David Paleino wrote:

You can find it on Alioth in:


I'd like to keep it under svn control, but it might be a problem -- cron calls
it from the ./scripts/ directory, but in that directory we also have
update-website, which is called by SVN's post-commit... We have to think on how
to do this, avoiding any possible problem. Consider this: ./scripts/ is a SVN
export, which is done by the post-commit hook, which also uses scripts from
inside ./scripts/ itself. Loop. :(

I don't think that there would be any problem if you commit the scripts
because I think the post-commit script is just processing any _text_ that
has changed in SVN but does not really execute it.  Or do I miss something?

Can a meta-package (or even a normal one) have a non-available package in
Suggests ?

Sure.  Cdd-dev works like this: Browse the task files for packages mentioned
as Depends/Recommends.  If they are not found they will be moved to Suggests
in the resulting control file.  This could have several reasons.  The original
reason is that the script doing the grunt work is adopted from Debian Edu.
They have a private repository of not yet included software.  To include
the debian-edu packages with unchanged source it was necessary to proceed
this way and it has some advantages.  Not fulfilled Suggests of a package
are no problem for apt.

If you ask me - a hourly update is more than apropriate.

10 minutes every hour? :(

Even 4 times per day (= every 6th hour) would be also fine.  I don't
think that our bug hunters are that keen on fixing bugs and most
probably there were always some bugs left to work on for every six hours. :)

BTW, sorry for my low reply rate last time - my DSL was quite weak again. :-(((

Kind regards



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