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Re: What is new in Debian-Med Etch ?

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

That should be "resonance", and maybe add "(MRI)" and "(CT)" to the
text, as these are the terms known by the general public?
That should be "dependencies".

Thanks for proof reading.

As this is more end user oriented than developer oriented, a place like
Debian Times also seems quite appropriate.

Ahh, yes, you are right that debian-devel-announce is not really the
right place, but - sorry for my ignorance - what is "Debian Times"?

BTW, I'm no member of any blogging community (perhaps I'm just to old?? ;-) )
but if someone feels that it is apropriate to blog about this announcement
just go for it.

Kind regards



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