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Re: GUI Frontends f?r EMBOSS und BLAST

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Steffen Moeller wrote:

you are familiar with the Debian packages of Matt at
http://debian.bioinformatics.unsw.edu.au right?
They are very useful, we'd merely need to
a) convince Matt to upload the packages
b) assist him taking over the respective responsibilities
Well, I plan to do a group maintainance based on Matt's packages.
I have no idea why Matt does not responded to my mails a couple of
weeks ago when I offered group maintenance.  I just hold him in CC
also in this mail.  I think if Matt is in the group of Uploaders
of the package and others as well this might solve the problem
fairly.  From his non responsiveness I just guess he is overworked and
will be happy about help.

The ITP is nearly 3 years old and deserves to be closed by an upload
if the packages are OK.  (I just appended the [med-bio] tag to the
wnpp bug - I might just have overlooked this in my tagging effort.)

I am thinking of RFPing MyGrid (www.mygrid.org.uk) that comes with the
User Interface Taverna (http://taverna.sf.net/) of Tom Oinn to model workflows in
Bioinformatics. This effort is making extensive use of EnsEMBL as a
backbone of bioinformatics functionality. I spoke with Tom yesterday
who is also attending the ISMB in Deroit, the public machines of which I
am just using to write this eMail, apparently he got several offers of
people to create Debs and Rpms for Taverna already. Since quite a number
of 3rd party libraries are used and Java is not that welcome yet in
Debian, the effort will be more tedious than one might anticipate from
the start.
Well, I guess it is not the question whether Java is welcome or not.
It is the question whether an application runs with free Java VM
or not.

So Matt, if you are reading this, please give a short notice what you
think about the group maintenance plan.  Even the ITP bug has entries
with offer for help which is not anserwed (at least not publicly).

Kind regards



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