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Re: Re: Re: GUI Frontends für EMBOSS und BLAST

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Amalia van Slooten wrote:

Excellent!  it is nice to see that you want to adopt the EMBOSS program!
Well, we want to make Debian better and if EMBOSS does not become integrated
otherwise we have to do something, right? ;-)

I plan to "dissect" the debian source packet to better understand the changes required for the debianization of the existing inofficial package EMBOSS 2.8.  Then I can help the debianization of the newest version EMBOSS 2.10.
If you ask me our final target should be the latest stable version. So
your idea is completely straightforeward and I would absolutely suport

Just to take action I applied for a pkg-emboss project on Alioth which
hopefully enables us to coordinate the work.

Should we also debianize the web-based EMBOSS GUI frontend EMBOSS?


This would make EMBOSS much more user-friendly.
We should definitely target to package all things which makes users happy. :-)

What do you think?
I just stopped thinking and started working. ;-)
I'll be back here and inform you once the project is accepted.  For those
who want to join the work on the project please make sure that you have
a login on http://alioth.debian.org.  If you are no Debian developer
you can aks for a guest account (<yourname>-guest).

Was glauben Sie darüber?
Ich glaube, nur Englisch reicht. ;-)

Kind regards



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