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Re: Supporting armel/armhf in wheezy-lts


(fwiw, I am dropping all CCs except debian-lts)

On 23/04/2016 14:41, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Concerning the other concerns that you brought up, they do not seem
> specific to the support of the armel/armhf architectures. They
> rather question the LTS project as a whole and the usage of money
> within Debian.  But the LTS project has been running smoothly for
> two years now and thus there's nothing new to discover here.

I do not think Tollef is questioning the whole LTS project, but only
the financial part of it, AFAIK. Ideally, we should be able to find a
solution within Debian or with help of entities somehow bound to
Debian, like a TO.  While I support that idea, I find the timing
unfortunate and the question about adding armel/armhf support in
wheezy-lts should not be blocked by that.

As showed below, Raphaël has been proactive and is trying to push
this (not so easy) subject forward.

> But your questions are legitimate and we should discuss them. I have
> submitted a BoF for DebConf16 to discuss how to use money to fund
> "Debian projects" (and not only sprints) and I invite you to join
> this discussion if you can attend.

FWIW, the goal of the above mentioned BoF is to discuss openly how to
fund such initiatives within Debian. Talking money should not be
taboo, even if we are a volunteer organisation. We can find solutions
where we avoid conflict of interest and dominant positions… and stay
coherent wrt. what we do and how we do it. We can have areas where
project members are encouraged to help with money.

We can start collecting ideas on how such activities could be
organized, but before working on the implementation details, I think
it would be more useful to clarify a few things so that everyone share
the same level of information. Based on the following points, we could
describe the current situation, the target and see how we transition:

1) Who will organize this project? A delegation can be made, if we
   have a clear idea of the role and what it entails. Are there some
   conditions to put here to avoid dominant positions or such
   unpleasant situations?
2) Who can contribute to the LTS effort?
3) How money is raised to fund this effort?
4) How contributors are paid? Is it mandatory that participants are
   able to emit an invoice?
5) How to guarantee some equity between contributors?
6) Any more question/condition?



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