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Supporting armel/armhf in wheezy-lts


I know that we decided to not support arm* for wheezy-lts during last
Debconf but it turns out that Freexian has been contacted by a potential LTS
sponsor selling arm* products:

Openblocks A7 (armel)
Opneblocks AX3 (armhf)

The decision has been taken on the fact that we knew of nobody that was
really interested on running wheezy on those architectures (we expected
armhf users to run jessie and armel users to be only hobbyists). But here
we have a sponsor willing to sign on a contract saying us « our customers wish
to use Debian 7 OS continuously so that we are planning to sponsor the LTS
efforts for two years. »

Are there teams/persons with objections to adding armel/armhf to the set of
supported architectures for wheezy-lts ?

I have put in copy:
- ftpmasters, they have to agree to keep hosting armel/armhf on security.debian.org
- ARM porters, mostly to ensure that buildd maintainers are OK with this
- Debian System Administrators as this might have an impact on the lifetime
  of the arm systems running the wheezy auto-builders

Obviously this does have an impact on the work of LTS team members too since
we will have to monitor ARM* builds too and it might mean more work for the
kernel maintenance too.

Since we have a single sponsor interested in ARM support, maybe we can introduce
it on a provisional/experimental basis so that we can drop it if the sponsorship
does not materialize (or is not enough to cover for the supplementary work). It
might also be an opportunity to make a call for other armel/armhf users to join
as sponsors (if you know some that we should contact, please let us know).

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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