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Re: teaching people to ignore warnings is bad (Re: Archive of squeeze-lts ?)

On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 7:26 AM, Holger Levsen wrote:

> I'm really not sure that teaching people to ignore apt warnings is the
> best way to tell them that they need to upgrade. IMO this is mixing two
> topics, in a bad way.
> At least I would have appreciated if the signing key would have been
> valid a bit longer, maybe 2-4 weeks, so people have some more time to
> safely do upgrades.
> For announcing that people should upgrade we do have several channels,
> be it mailinglists or our bits of Debian news blog as well as
> www.debian.org.

As we have seen with this release and previous ones, a lot of people
don't pay attention to these channels unfortunately...

> Also, we moved the suite from ftp.d.o to archive.d.o, so people do need
> to change their sources.list… this alone should also make it clear
> enough that squeeze is, well, archived.

... which is why this is so important.

Also, I note that squeeze-lts is still present on the mirrors but is
empty. I don't have a squeeze system to test if someone with only
squeeze-lts in their sources.list would get any errors or not though.


Also, ISTR that Ubuntu have a direct-to-apt method for telling users
that their system is or will soon be EOL. Does anyone have any details
for that?



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