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Re: customize bootloader

Il giorno ven 23 mag 2014 alle 8:12, Federico Bruni <fede@inventati.org> ha scritto:
Il giorno ven 23 mag 2014 alle 7:59, Federico Bruni <fede@inventati.org> ha scritto:
All I need now is replacing @PROJECT@ and @VERSION@.
I've read the script you linked and in particular lines 309-336.
I see that _PROJECT is defined within that script, while _VERSION is defined this way:

But I don't know where and how to re-define them.
I've also skimmed through this page but didn't find anything useful:

Maybe I should add a custom os-release and debian_version in /etc/skel?
Please let me know what's the good way. Thanks!

It didn't work. Now I've no more ideas

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