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Re: Repost: Working patch to boot an iso image file from Gujin signature (ia32)


> sorry for the late response, it hit the time where i had no stable
> internet for about 6 weeks due to mooving. anyhow..

No need to be sorry, I also have a TODO list which is only growing.

> the patch is huge and i don't think all of it is necessary[0].

The high level logic is that, before searching all filesystems to
find a FROMISO= filename, you just check the memory at the beginning
of the BIOS IRQ 0x13 real mode handler for a signature.
If that signature is not found then do not modify anything.
I am not sure how the functions to find the iso file from partition
and disk size, IDE addresses and EBIOS disk serial number can be re-used
in the standard case because then you just have the filename of the iso.

> but first of all, rather than fetching gujin from the sf page, it
> should come from a debian package.
> any plans to upload a gujin package to debian?

I did everything I could to simplify the job of someone else adding
that package to the official repository, you even have a .deb package
in sourceforge, but I cannot commit the time to learn how to do that.
My TODO list is already too big, I cannot even find the time to do another
release of the source code which is needed.

> [0] basically you're replacing much of the live-boot own logic
> completely, which is not a problem per se, but in order to review and
> apply this, we should seperate things to logical pieces, means, first
> make the modifications/adjustments/fixes to the generic functions, and
> then add gujiin specificas on top of it.

The patch do not use the generic functions because you know a lot more
of the iso file so there is no need to mount each filesystem - and that
is basically what the generic function do.

> that way we can ensure we're
> not breaking other stuff and don't add yet another dublication layer to
> live-boot, which is already way too messy in its current state anyway :(

Note that Gujin handle that iso booting (when you select
"filename.iso:noemul") at a lower layer than other bootloader do, so
that the El-Torito bootloader of the CDROM is executed at a later stage.
Other bootloaders only handle fetching the kernel/initrd inside the iso
and run directly this kernel, which is a different problem (and Gujin
can also do that when you select filename.iso:{vmlinuz,initrd})

About not breaking other stuff, I would have like a kind of 10 other
messages from 10 other people saying if it worked for them, there is
so many cases and so many broken BIOSes...

Thanks for your answer,

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