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Preseeding database settings for dbconfig-based packages


This is for your information.

I had some issues to use preseeds for defining database related settings (database name, username, ...). There is a bug in dbconfig which prevent preseed values to be applied. ( http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=476946 )

The workaround with debian live is to put dbconfig configuration file in chroot_local-includes/etc/dbconfig-common/ , in other words, copy the file generated during a classic package installation in this directory and update it as needed.

The include stage is run before the hooks stage, which allow to use dpkg-reconfigure to install databases.

By the way, if the database-related packages installation in chroot problem is solved and dpkg-reconfigure doesn't need to be done in hooks anymore to set up the database, we ll have another problem : preseeds won't be applied and a hooks will be necessary to clear previously installed databases and re-install the one with the good configuration from /etc/dbconfig-common configuration files.


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