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Re: The Status page of Debian-Live is cryptic

On 31/05/11 02:12 AM, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> Although if you look at the Releases link, it directly links to the
> directories. IMHO it should have linked to this page in the interim
> and from there the user can make his choices as to what or which he
> needs.

Sure. I haven't given much attention to live.d.n itself yet, instead
channeling my energy into the manual and the official Debian website.
I'll see what I can do to help guide end-users to the information
they're looking for.

> The landing page could perhaps be tweaked (like looking from where the
> guy is coming from, either from http://live.debian.net/ or from
> w.d.o/cd and present the landing page with the appropriate CSS.

Not interested in doing that.

> Answer given above, although nice effort.


> One query though, whose answer is not apparent on that page is why the
> sizes have been kept back, why not make the images full CD or full
> DVD.

Nothing has been done to adjust sizes at all. What you get is the same
as what you'd get with a default install of GNOME, KDE, etc. using
Debian Installer.

Tweaking live media sizes is a tough and thankless task that produces
non-standard results (people will switch from complaining that the sizes
are wrong to forever complaining "why don't you include package X, Y or
Z on your image?") and diverts energy from producing the tools, which is
the primary focus of this project.


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