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RE: wrong link & Debian Live USB issue

Hi Ben,

It seems it is not possible, in the Live startup, to edit the boot
parameter; there is not any like grub kernel selection or boot edit on the
boot of the Debian 6 Live before the monitor goes to black and the
workstation is frozen, but I will try it some more times to be sure.

Maybe it is a graphics card related issue, but I was really surprised seeing
Debian 5.0.7 AMD64 Live on USB doing his job really well and Debian 6.0.0
AMD64 Live on the same USB having this issue.

For both tests, I downloaded the .img, wrote it to the USB and booted the
computer with it, doing nothing more than select the live boot. With 5.0.7
all was fine, including that it was not necessary to configure anything to
be able immediately to navigate with Iceweasel.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

Best regards


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On 09/02/11 12:35 PM, Vicen Rodríguez wrote:
> The workstation is a HP Z800, 12 Core with a Nvidia Quadro FX 5800 and
> 12GB Memory, so I think the issue is not caused by a legacy computer
> configuration working better with an oldstable than with a current

But may be a case of a too-new graphics card being used with a graphics
driver (nouveau) that does not quite support the card yet. I haven't
enough experience with such hardware to advise you what to do in this
case, though ...

Maybe just "nouveau.modeset=0" boot parameter? That's just a wild guess ...


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