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Re: Starting to work on live-boot persistence => pull requests.


Daniel Baumann wrote (27 Oct 2010 13:13:46 GMT) :
> On 10/26/2010 11:10 PM, intrigeri wrote:
>> I've rebased the two feature branches a pull request was filled for;
>> the rebased branches are:

> your git trees are really messy, what you should do is to have a serious
> of commits on top of mainline only, so that i can merge them
> fast-forward (rather than cherry-picking from somewhere in between).

As a (Git-based) software maintainer myself, I fully understand and
even share your concerns about pull requests for messy Git branches,
but I feel the need to clarify some things so as to ease our future
collaboration process.

1. About the 3.x/feature/nopromptusb branch

$ git checkout 3.x/feature/nopromptusb
$ git log --pretty=oneline upstream/debian-next..
20a9561dfcf1d86b9cefc1552368040cb1f442e3 Adding noprompt={usb,cd} feature.

I am at a lost about this branch and your comments. I fail to see how
messy this is. I'd be happy to stand corrected, but my feeling is that
I did exactly what was requested: I published a branch rebased on your
debian-next one, that has only one new commit on top of debian-next.

2. About the 3.x/feature/try_partitions_before_whole_device

I simply forgot to push it before asking you to merge it and am sorry
about it. This produced confusion, and I guess you tried to merge from
the feature/try_partitions_before_whole_device branch, which I
understand. The problem is: the branch you tried to merge from is
based on debian-old-2.0 and is not the branch I filled a pull request
for. Hence your need to cherry-pick I guess.

The correct branch was properly rebased and also showed only one new
commit (and no merge commits) on top of mainline.

3. About other branches

As long as we have not filled any pull request about branch X, you of
course are free to have a look to it, but nothing indicates it is
ready to be merged. Until now, all our feature branches were based on
debian-old-2.0, so trying to merge any of these into the 3.x will
probably either not work, or inspire comments about messy history ;)

Slightly OT: using a merge-based or rebase-based workflow is a hot
topic, and I don't feel the need to argue about this on the
debian-live ML. I'll go on rebasing branches as you requested before
asking for them to be merged, and we'll go on using a merge-based
workflow for our not-to-be-pulled-yet branches :)

> not doing that requires me to look through the log and find the commit
> that is interesting, which is boring and can be easily avoided in the
> first place.

>>   - 3.x/feature/try_partitions_before_whole_device
>>   - 3.x/feature/nopromptusb

> both merged^^cherry-picked, thank you ;)

Thank you.

Bye, take care,
  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
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